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Pia Mia Poses For Galore Magazine

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Interview questions (by Galore):

Q: How were you discovered?
A: For music, I was discovered two years ago by Babyface’s team. They saw me walk into Urth Café in Los Angeles and sent one of their wives over to ask if I happened to be a singer.
My first fashion photoshoot was a Coachella-themed lookbook for Nasty Gal. They found me on Instagram!

Q: Your favorite song of all time ?

A: Angels by The XX, a friend introduced me to this song as he drove me home one night. We hadn’t seen each other in a while and as it played, we sat there in complete silence. I don’t know how he felt, but for me it was because the lyrics described exactly how I had felt about us. I fell in love with it and it will always be special. 

Q: If you could collaborate with any musician who would it be ?

A: I could never choose one, but my top three would be Bruno Mars (he has a smooth and romantic voice that draws you in), Drake (his rapping style and lyrics are genius) or Rihanna (Rihanna’s diversity in music and her attitude towards life is encouraging.)

Q: Summer Boy Crush? 

A: I wouldn’t mind going for sushi and a movie with Ryan Gosling or Bruno Mars.

Q: You have covered a lot of pop songs – is there any one that  speaks to you personally?

A: Rihanna’s “Stay” is definitely one I connected with personally. I have not been in a lot of relationships, but unfortunately I understand the vulnerability you feel when you are in a relationship that is not perfect, knowing it needs to end, yet feeling too vulnerable and scared to end it.

Q: What is your summer beauty regimen ? 

A: Lots and lots of Krav Maga training! I train anywhere from 5-15 hours a week. I recently passed a 56 hour Krav Maga instructor course training and will begin instructing classes over the summer.

Q: Summer  vacation plans ?

A: I plan on spending the summer working on my music, but I would love to go back to Guam to spend time with my family and go surfing. I learned how to surf in December last year and became obsessed. I got barreled a time or two - I hear that’s good for a first-timer.

Check out Pia's summer playlist here.

Pia Mia On ''The Voice''?

October 15th 2012 

Pia shared with us on Instagram that she has been accepted to audition on ''The Voice''!

If you have no idea what ''The Voice'' is, well it's an American reality talent show that premiered on April 26, 2011, on the NBC television network.
Let's all hope that Pia will make trough the tryouts a...

Interview: Making it in LA!

January 16th 2013

Pia gets interviewed by Maria Dunn at Guam about her journey of making it in Los Angeles.

Check it out in the news 

Rihanna follows Pia!

March 15th 2013

Rihanna followed Pia Mia on Instagram! 

''I couldn't believe it when I saw the comments saying that you followed me. You're a hudge inspiration to me. Love you [Rihanna].'' - Pia Mia...

Pia Mia is wearing a  Material Girl Lace Jumpsuit ($44.99). Find more looks on 'Steal Her Style'.

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