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Pia Mia Perez is born on September 19th, 1996 in Guam, USA. She has 3 siblings, Kandis Rae, Peter Michael and Paloma Colette. Her father, Peter Perez Jr., is of European descent while her mother, Angela Terlaje Perez is Oceanian. 

Pia Mia is a singer-songwriter, model and actress, who currently lives in Los Angeles. Pia attends the Laurel Springs High School (an online private school). Pia currently follows private ballet lessons at home and she also follows Krav Maga lessons (an eclectic self-defense system). Presently, Pia is interested pursuing her education at the University of California.
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At the age of eleven (2009), Pia started posting videos of her singing on YouTube. She has been discovered by Babyface. Today, Pia has gain over 6 millions views on Youtube, 998K followers on Instagram & more than 314K followers on Twitter.

Pia has recently released her first solo song on iTunes May 22th called ''The Last Man On Earth''. She has also featured the song "Bubblegum Boy" with the Shake It Up actress Bella Thorne.  Pia Mia's new single Red Love has currently reached #72 on iTunes.

Get A Chance To Meet Pia Mia:

Pia goes to this adress below, to take a dancing & KRAV MAGA lessons!

If you ever go to Los Angeles, you may get a chance to meet her there!

Good Luck!

5113 Lankershim Boulevard, San Fernando Valley, CA, United States
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