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DIY: Pia Mia's Baroque Sunglasses!

Posted by piapods on May 26, 2013 at 3:40 PM

Today's fashion post:

Materials needed:

1. Sunglasses

2. Clay or better  polymer clay in a contrast color ( craft store: ex. Michaels)

3. Baroque mold (baking aisle of the grocery store /  craft store. Ex: Martha Stewart Crafts Silicon Mold)

4. An exacto knife ( X-ACTO Z Series #1 Knife with Cap)

5. Oven or toaster oven

6. Sand paper (hardware store / craft store)

7. E-6000 glue (craft store)

How to do make it:

Step 1:  Knead the clay and place it into the mold firmly . Make sure to COMPLETLY fill the mold with the clay.

Step 2:  You can take off the clay from the mold or leave it in and with an exacto knife, remove the excess clay.

Step 3: You can pull off the clay from the mold or leave it in and bake it for 30 mins at 230 degrees.

Step 4: Once your pieces are cooled-off, use a sand-paper to smooth the edges.

Step 5: Figure out how your going to places your pieces on the sunglasses.

Step 6: Put your pieces back into the oven on 'keep warm' for 1 min.

Step 7: Use the E-6000 or strong glue to stick your pieces on the glasses.

Step 8: Let it dry for less than 30 mins.

Step 9 (optional): Apply a clear nail polish top coat or just leave it matte. 

For visual support, watch this tutorial by Chriselle Lim :

I still can't get over the fact that she RT my tweet!


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